Helping People, Places, Organisations and Teams Be All They Can Be

Within 5 minutes of searching Pennie’s Social Media online, you’ll discover her reputation of getting things done, applying her knowledge skills and expertise to self-initiated and client projects, business interests, good causes and local social impact.

You’ll also discover she works with a business partner, Jonny Douglas, and collaborates with other prominent business leaders and organisations.

She has worked with some of the leading names and brands in business, in a diverse portfolio of industries and markets in the UK, San Francisco and Sacremento, and is experienced in full life cycle of business.

At one end of the spectrum, she has supported startups, built ecosystems, and helped them grow.  At the other end, she has led and supported business closures, asset transfers and swaps and industry restructuring.

She is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on business, grassroots applied democracy, entrepreneurialism,  personal and leadership development, employability, and industry ecosystems.