Introducing the Throw Starfish concept

The Star Thrower is a motivating story first told in the 1970’s and has travelled around the world inspiring all kinds of people to appreciate the value of trying.  Throw Starfish is our Podcast.  We are Pennie Raven, Jonny Douglas and Ruth Amos.


Our podcast explores ideas and experiments with little actions that can make a difference to anyone’s life. We’ve all read that book, blog or attended a course that’s supposed to accelerate our career, or make us more productive, win more business, give us more energy, or predict the future way we live, work or play together.  How much of it do we take on board?  How much of it works or is practical?  Our aim is to shortcut you to the best bits that have worked for us, or not in some cases.



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We share our findings with you, discussing what we believe are the big trends and ideas of our time, expressing our multiple views on each topic and importantly giving you the best bits. Get a multigenerational view- I’m in my 20s, Jonny’s in his 30s and Pennie’s in her 40s- on each idea and practice, along with some good ol’ friendly advice. ~ Ruth Amos

We’re three friends, each with quite different stories, talking about how things actually work (or don’t) for us in the real world…our Podcast will hopefully give perspectives and insights that’ll encourage people to give things a go themselves. ~ Jonny Douglas

We chose the name for our Podcast based on an original story titled The Star Thrower, as not only is it inspiring, it accurately articulates through metaphor what we hope to achieve through by sharing our thoughts, knowledge and inspirations with you.  We hope that you share what you discover here, in doing so, you too will be throwing starfish. I was introduced to the story by one of my mentors who became a dear friend, and we dedicate this version to her.  In loving memory of Jeni, here is the Starfish Story as told by Jeni herself.




In Loving Memory – Jeni Purdi (nee Mumford)


“He often walked along the beach in the morning, planning out his day. Abruptly, one time he went in a different direction. This stretch of beach was more isolated, though still bleakly beautiful. He thought he had the place to himself – until he saw a solitary figure way ahead in the distance. She seemed to be collecting shells, or other objects. Curiously, for each prize she won, she cast it straight back into the sea. He wondered why, and quickened his pace to catch up with her…

Then he saw clearly just what she was doing.

Not shells, he thought, starfish. He smiled to himself. Admirable, of course, to want to give the poor things a chance to be back in the ocean where they could thrive, but surely it was pointless in the face of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of starfish littering the beach? Not a chance of making a difference to that number.

The star thrower looked up for a moment, almost as if she read his thoughts. She smiled. He smiled back, a little embarrassed, and carried on walking.

Days passed. He spent some time in the city, which he also loved, working. At first, he didn’t think much about the star thrower as he strove to solve problems, meet demands. Somehow very little got solved and the demands seemed even greater than usual. He often felt like giving up. More and more, the image returned to him of the woman reaching down and throwing starfish in a smooth arc to where the sky and the sea and the sunlight joined.

By the end of his long week, the image was too insistent to ignore and he returned once more to that stretch of beach.

The star thrower was there. This time, he stood beside her and bent to reach for starfish. His cast made a precise arc in the bright, harsh sky and he thought to himself – well, we made a difference for that one.

He reached again…”




The Starfish Story first told in The Unexpected Universe in 1968, has been told and retold by many a motivational speaker, in articles and publications – it’s the story that keeps on giving.  It’s simple yet beautiful message is sure to inspire many for decades to come.

In our first  Podcast we share with you the story that inspired our podcast series and blog, and share how the story has made a difference to ours and other peoples lives.

We hope you enjoy the Throw Starfish Story and like so many others, draw inspiration from it and our Podcast.


In this Podcast, The Sleep Geek – James Wilson joins our conversation.

Sleep is so important, so why do many of us pay the least attention to it? It is so important, that we know you cannot survive without sleep. In fact, as James points out in our podcast you can survive without sleep for 11 days only. We know this because of a rare genetic condition call Fatal Familial Insomnia

Here are links to some of the advice James gives, and tools Pennie, Jonny and Ruth use to improve their Sleep.

How sleep works: Sleep Cycles

Sunrise Clocks

Flux Screen Filter App

Magnesium for Sleep Article

Here is a link Jonny’s and Ruth’s Blog posts, they each write from a different perspective writing from their own experience of their relationship with Sleep.

Chimp Paradox

The Chimp Paradox is a fantastic method of Mind Management.  It’s so simple to understand, and is to identify how you can improve your thoughts, habits, feelings, relationships and your own personal achievement.

It helps you to

  • Recognise how your mind is working
  • Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
  • Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be.

By  using the model you will see immediate improvements in your daily living and, over time, you will develop emotional skills and practical habits that will help you to become the person that you want to be, and live the life that you want to live.
It’s applicable to all of us, I have got so much from this model, it’s a book I read time and time again as there’s so much practical wisdom and advice, and more importantly – ‘how to’s’ .

Here’s a link to a good animation that really helps explain the concepts

Here’s a podcast me and my friends over at Throw Starfish made about our experience and key learning from it – use it as a short cut to begin your understanding of your human, computer and chimp…

005 Chimp Paradox | Throw Starfish

Until next time,